Gas Assist Injection Molding

Our machines are 800, 1000, 1200 ton and up to 180oz capacity

Gas assist is a process used in injection molding whereby a nitrogen bubble is injected into the melt stream to core out the part and leave a hollow tube-like cross section.

Benefits Include:

  • Strength – Increased strength and rigidity through the creation of tubular structures in the part geometry.
  • Weight Reduction – Thick sections can be cored out with gas to reduce weight.
  • Design Flexibility – Ability to add thick sections as required and core them using gas assist technology.
  • Surface Finish – Better surface finish than structural foam . . . more like standard injection molding.

State-of-the-Art Injection Molding

Robotic production technology supported by 3-D solid modeling and precision CAM produced tooling are enhanced by a continuous schedule of reinvestment in new molding machines. This ensures production quality, speed and consistency, shot to shot, every time.

Work Cell Manufacturing

With assembly, decorating and packaging as part of many projects,mars plastics incorporates work cell manufacturing practices, ensuring economical manufacturing, providing you the cost savings. Mars Plastics is one of the only injection molding companies capable of competing with overseas facilities in all aspects of production.

Quality Assurance

A mutually agreed upon quality plan is developed to meet your standards from the start, making certain that your specified results are achieved. Complete documentation is produced to ensure that your requirements are met every time. One way that we achieve this is by retaining the first and last shots of your production run as quality samples for future orders. With quality plans, recorded machine set up sheets and SPC, Mars Plastics ensures consistency shot to shot and run to run.